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The Commendations & Complaints Desk allows the public to submit crime complaints, written complaints on an employee or commend an employee of the Los Santos Police Department, which will then be forwarded to appropriate bodies.
Jay Teller
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Los Santos Police Department

  • Civilians who would like to commend an employee of the Los Santos Police Department, please fill out this form. You may submit it via the Commendation's Desk electronically or return it in person to any LSPD community police station. If you prefer, you may write a letter to the Commanding Officer of the community police station in your area regarding the commendation of an employee based out of the station. Your comments will then be reviewed by the concerned Commanding Officer and forwarded to the commended employee.

    The Los Santos Police Department thanks you for your interest and time in completing this form.

    1. Date of contact with employee: 05/DEC/2022

      Time of contact with employee: AM PM

      Location of contact (i.e., address, cross streets, business name etc.): 1 Perfect Picture Dr, Richman, ULSA.

    2. Employee's name, serial number (if known) and assignment (Their rank, name of police station or location where employee is assigned.)
      • Name: Officer Hoffman, Harper & Reinhart

        Serial Number: Unknown

        Assignment: Patrol

    3. What initiated your contact with the employee?
      • Police response to your call
        Traffic stop
        Traffic collision
        Made a report at a police station

        Other: Answer here
      • Pick up personal property
        Visit by detective
        Witness at a police investigation
        Public Relations event

    4. What would you like to commend about the employee's performance?

      Officers were very fast to respond to my felony arrest, cordially. Helped apply first aid for when I was assaulted, came to take my statement, and were professional the entire time. Made me feel safe.

    Print your name: Jay Teller
    Telephone # (Optional): 52903733