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(( Joining the LSPD ))

What is the LSPD?
The LSPD is one of multiple Law Enforcement Agencies on Grand Theft Auto World. The Los Santos Police Department's primary area of operation is the City of Los Santos, where it holds the responsibility of protecting it's citizens and enforcing the law. Being part of the faction however will have you do more then just follow those two basic principles. The Los Santos Police Department's out of character goals are:
  • To provide a realistic roleplaying experience of a big inner-city police department to the community
  • To follow the principle of community policing and all the burdens that come with it: being politically correct, taking care of the department's image first and foremost and maintaining close relationships with community leaders, the media and city officials;
  • To be transparent about the department both in and out of character in relevant ways;
  • To interact accordingly with gangs, organized crime, other assorted criminal factions and civilian roleplayers alike;
  • To provide specialist law enforcement services to the highest standard in the form of for example: Special Weapons and Tactics Teams, Specialized Detectives, Crisis Negotiators and Pilots; and
  • To give opportunities to civilian roleplayers to be a part of the faction in a non law enforcement role in the form of for example: Crime Scene Investigators, Civilian Administrators, Psychologists, Accountants and Janitors
What makes the LSPD interesting to join?
As a faction, the LSPD has a lot of diverse roleplay opportunities to offer. Although everyone starts off at the same point as a Police Officer I in the Field Training Program, that's also where the similarities end. When officers reach the rank of Police Officer II they get to decide their career path by applying for the various divisions that make up the department. This means that you will start as a patrol officer in one of the patrol divisions, but may end up choosing to become a traffic officer, investigator or administrative officer instead. Not one officer has the same career path and you may choose to apply for multiple divisions to diversify your experience.

What does the LSPD desire from its applicants?
To the faction as a whole, it is important that anyone interested in applying keeps an open mind and is ready to absorb a lot of knowledge/information relevant to the field of law enforcement. There are various guides and materials that will be provided to you as you start your journey in the faction, and it is important that you take a hard and serious look at your character and the way you wish to portray it based on the information provided to you. The LSPD aims to portray a realistic law enforcement agency with a militaristic/disciplined mindset, therefore it is important to do some research if you are not familiar with the concept to ensure you are prepared for what is to come. If down the road, you have questions about this, all our supervisory and command staff are equipped to help you.

Furthermore, it is important that you can remain level-headed as a person. Due to our unique position on the server, we often find ourselves in situations where we disrupt the flow of situations as a third party coming in due to factors outside of the original parties' control. This is not, unfortunately, always met with a positive response out of character. It is therefore important that as a part of the faction you always remain respectful to other members of the community and have the ability to take things with a grain of salt when necessary.

Above all else, the LSPD desires quality roleplay and believable characters from its applicants. The characters you bring into this faction are living, breathing people who happen to work in law enforcement; law enforcement should not be the only facet to your character, and endless pursuits and shootouts should not be your primary driving force. These are people with real emotions and responses to tough situations, and when entering the faction and roleplaying through a countless assortment of incidents, you should keep this in mind. What we seek to cultivate is a large militarized police force in the heart of Los Santos, with a heavy focus on community engagement and an eagerness to engage with the more passive aspects of the role. Roll calls, station roleplay, and the organic, realistic interactions between officers, civilians, and criminals through an endless variety of situations is core to cultivating a faction that exists for more than to simply police the server.

Why should I choose the LSPD?
If what has been said above has not convinced you, there are a plethora of other reasons why joining the LSPD is a good decision to make. Other than the fact that the faction is unique in what it does and portrays, it also has access to a lot of functions that other factions in the community don't have. The LSPD aims to provide the absolute highest standard roleplaying experiences, but this does not mean we do not take on less experienced players. Considering our faction is stacked with roleplaying veterans, we are more than happy to take on people with less experience to show them the nitty-gritty of roleplay. Our factions leaders, from sergeant to chief of police, are always available to help you out along the way. We take the server's standard of ''all players are equal'' very serious, and this is reflected in the OOC conduct of our members.

The LSPD provides a sense of community to all its members, who often cite their reason for being in the faction ''because of the people I share the experience with''. The roleplaying atmosphere within the LSPD is very free-flow and accommodating, so long as the standards the faction sets are met. Faction members are free to choose their own paths and style of roleplay within reason. In general, the LSPD aims to provide a professional image within the game but encourages members to above all have fun.

If you are interested in joining the LSPD as a law enforcement officer, please check out this subforum.
If you are interested in joining the LSPD as a member of civilian staff, please check out this subforum.
Sol Vazquez
Retired Police Officer II
Retired Police Officer II
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Hello everyone,

RED command got a lot of applications over the last few drives that were of questionable quality. The most common reason, when we asked the applicants why, is that they started the application when recruitment was opened and wanted to ensure they had it submitted. Submitting an application was more important then ensuring its quality.

We totally disagree.

Starting now, we will be posting our recruitment timetable nearly three weeks in advance. We encourage you, during this time, to pre-write your application and backstory. We're looking for high quality applications that have, at most, cosmetic mistakes. Backstories should incorporate a realistic background, character development, and tell the traits of a character at a minimum. These are non-negotiable standards that we have for joining our faction. Applications that have any major deficiencies from this point forward, especially in the backstory portion, will be met with an outright denial.