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Aerial Ride Along Information

  • The Los Santos Police Department offers civilians the chance to go on a ride-along with an Officer of the Los Santos Police Department. Civilians who are interested in getting an inside look in the Los Santos Police Department and the daily duties of a Police Officer.

    In this section, it is solely for people who are looking to apply to 'partner' up with an air unit. This is our Police Helicopter that hovers around not only the Los Santos main city but also into the mountains for any call that is too difficult for ground units to reach. In the absence of FD, the helicopter might be used for a Medevac. Furthermore, the helicopter is used when in pursuits with high-speed vehicles that ground units may struggle to keep up with, the pilot will follow the vehicle and update to their colleagues where the vehicle is headed.

    You should also be aware that pilots will not always be able to take you out for a ride-along but after being accepted it is always worth going down to Mission Row to see if there is any who can.

  • The ride-along is an observer only, and should not become involved in or interfere with any situation, either physically or verbally.
  • Ride-alongs should be dressed in either business attire or neat, clean, casual attire. Jeans, shorts, spandex, leggings, T-shirts, and sweats are not acceptable.
  • Participants will not be allowed to carry a weapon while on a ride-along, despite current concealed weapon laws.
  • Cameras and tape recorders are not permitted.
  • Ride-alongs will be allowed to observe as much of any situation as is possible, consistent with their safety; however, they may not leave the police vehicle unless given permission to do so by the officer. In compliance with a Supreme Court Ruling ride-alongs are prohibited from entering any private residence for any reason.
  • The officer may terminate the ride if the participant fails to follow the regulations or is acting in a manner inconsistent with the best interests of the police department.
  • The participant may request that the ride is terminated at any time. The participant will be returned to the station as soon as the officer determines it is practical.
  • The participant may only go on ride-alongs within their specified choice.
  • The participant accepts and understands the risks and must sign the liability waiver.

Request Form
  • Please use the following title format and text format and post your application in this section.
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    Firstname Lastname
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    [b][size=90]Los Santos Police Department[/size]
    [size=100]Aerial Ride Along Application Form[/size]
    [size=90]To assist us in reviewing your application, we request that you complete this questionnaire. The information that you provide will be used only for [u]evaluation and suitability checks[/u]. Please read each question carefully and [b]mark one response[/b] to each question that applies.[/size]
    [size=110][b]1. Personal Information:[/b][/size]
    [b]1.1[/b] Last Name: 
    [b]1.2[/b] First Name: 
    [b]1.3[/b] Middle Name: 
    [b]1.4[/b] Address: 
    [b]1.5[/b] City: 
    [b]1.6[/b] State: 
    [b]1.7[/b] Current Occupation:
    [b]1.8[/b] Phone Number: 
    [b]1.9[/b] Date Of Birth: DD/MMM/YYYY
    [b]1.10[/b] Gender:
    [-] Male
    [-] Female
    [-] Other
    [b]1.11 [/b]Ethnic Group / Race ([u]mark only one[/u])
    [-] Black
    [-] Hispanic
    [-] Asian/Pacific Islander
    [-] Caucasian
    [-] American Indian
    [-] Filipino
    [-] Middle Eastern[/list]
    [b]1.12[/b] Do you have a diagnosed physical or mental medical condition that may affect you in a helicopter?
    [-] Yes
    [-] No
    [size=110][b]2. Criminal & Citation Record:[/b][/size]
    [list=none][justify][size=95]The Los Santos Police Department conducts a Criminal Background check on all ride-along applicants. Applicants are also required to inform the Los Santos Police Department of any type of Criminal Background or interactions they may have had with the Department. Failure to do so will lead to an immediate denial of the application and possible restrictions on further applications.[/size][/justify]
    [b]2.1[/b] Please mark one of the following that best applies on the basis of severity:
    [list=none][*][-] I have a clean Criminal Record.
    [*][-] I have received Traffic/Infraction citations from San Andreas Law Enforcement that I have paid or had upheld in Court.
    [*][-] I have been arrested by San Andreas Law Enforcement on Misdemeanour charges which I have pled Guilty/No Contest to or have had upheld in Court.
    [*][-] I have been arrested by San Andreas Law Enforcement on Felony charges which I have pled Guilty/No Contest to or have had upheld in Court.[/list][/list]
    [size=110][b]3. Release & Waiver:[/b][/size]
    [list=none][justify][size=90]As a condition precedent to being permitted to ride as a Ride Along Observer in an aircraft or aircrafts operated by any pilot employed by the Los Santos Police Department, I the undersigned, waive any claim I may have against the Los Santos Police Department and the officers, agents and employees of the Los Santos Police Department for any loss of life, bodily injury, property damage or any other claim whatsoever that I may sustain as a result of riding as such Ride Along Observer. I also promise I have read and I understand all of the Ride-Along regulations. I further agree that this waiver of liability by me is binding on my legal representatives, heirs, and successors, and shall have the same legal effect as I have agreed to herein.[/size][/justify]
    [b]3.1[/b] Full Name (Signature): 
    [b]3.2[/b] Full Name (Print Name): _[u]NAME[/u]_
    [b]3.3[/b] Date: DD/MMM/YYYY[/list]