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Ride Along Requests allow members of the public to apply for the ride-along program with an employee of the Los Santos Police Department.
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Los Santos Police Ride Along Program

  • The Los Santos Police Department offers civilians the chance to go on a ride-along with an Officer of the Los Santos Police Department. Civilians who are interested in getting an inside look in the Los Santos Police Department and the daily duties of a Police Officer must meet the following requirements and file a formal ride-along request at the front desk.

Ride Along Regulation
  • The ride-along is an observer only, and should not become involved in or interfere with any situation, either physically or verbally.
  • Ride-alongs should be dressed in either business attire or neat, clean, casual attire. Jeans, shorts, spandex, leggings, T-shirts, and sweats are not acceptable.
  • Participants will not be allowed to carry a weapon while on a ride-along, despite current concealed weapon laws. Currently employed Peace Officers may keep their firearm, but must not use it unless in self defense.
  • Cameras and tape recorders are not permitted.
  • Ride-along permission will not be granted if the applicant has a criminal record.
  • Ride-alongs will be allowed to observe as much of any situation as is possible, consistent with their safety; however, they may not leave the police vehicle unless given permission to do so by the officer. In compliance with a Supreme Court Ruling ride-alongs are prohibited from entering any private residence for any reason.
  • The officer may terminate the ride if the participant fails to follow the regulations or is acting in a manner inconsistent with the best interests of the police department.
  • The participant may request that the ride is terminated at any time. The participant will be returned to the station as soon as the officer determines it is practical.
  • The participant may only go on ride-alongs within their specified choice.
  • The participant accepts and understands the risks and must sign the liability waiver.

Additional Information
  • When an application is submitted it will be reviewed and approved or denied by a Recruitment and Employment Officer of the Los Santos Police Department. We sincerely request you to refrain from contacting any employee of the Los Santos Police Department in ordered to speed up the reviewing process of the application. If accepted, the applicant may only request a ride-along at the Mission Row Police Station. Once your application expires, you may reapply for a new ride-along.
  • Civilian staff and employed by the LSPD and academy students will not have to apply for ride-along status during their period of employment but are subject to the same regulations.
  • High ranking members of fellow government agencies may request an indefinite ride-along period from Recruitment and Employment command. Contact Recruitment and Employment Command to be reviewed and added to the roster via email.

Ride alongs we offer: We currently offer two different types of ride alongs, you can apply for both.
  • Field Ride Alongs:
    This type of ride-along is going inside of a cruiser with another officer and observing what we do on a day-to-day basis, everything you need to know and how to apply can be found in the Field Ride Along Desk.
  • Aerial Ride Alongs:
    This type of ride-along is going inside of a police helicopter with one of our pilots and observing what we do on a day-to-day basis, from the sky. Everything you need to know and how to apply can be found in the Aerial Ride Along Desk.