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Ride Along Requests allow members of the public to apply for the ride-along program with an employee of the Los Santos Police Department.
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Los Santos Police Ride Along Program
Academy Ride Along Information

The Los Santos Police Department offers all Students and Graduates who are taking part in their recruitment process to partake in the Field Ride Along Program, as detailed in the signed Personal Background Check. Once the applicant has completed their Departmental Interview and Individual Physical Training and been notified they have passed, they may attend a Los Santos Police Department station and request a ridealong, displaying ID and explaining they are an academy student or graduate, as applicable. They must adhere to all Ride Along and Field Ride Along rules and any breaches of this policy will be notified to Recruitment and Employment Command. This does not apply for Arial Ride Alongs.

(( You must have the Police Student/Graduate rank to partake in the above program. Applicants are not included. ))
Indefinite Ride Along Roster
Field Ride Alongs
Saeko Nishijima
Danielle Shaw
Aerial Ride Alongs
Danielle Shaw