[INFORMATION] Personnel Complaint Format

The Commendations & Complaints Desk allows the public to submit written complaints on an employee or commend an employee of the Los Santos Police Department, which will then be forwarded to appropriate bodies.
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[INFORMATION] Personnel Complaint Format

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1. Internal Affairs Group
  • The Internal Affairs Group serves the Los Santos Police Department by handling complaints made against (a) Departmental employee(s).

    The Internal Investigations Section falls under the Internal Affairs Group and is tasked with thoroughly investigating complaints filed by citizens, employees, or employees of other departments. To ensure integrity and maintain public trust, the Internal Affairs Group operates directly under the Office of the Chief of Police. As such, the Internal Affairs Group investigates complaints on all employees of the department regardless of the employee's rank or the complaint's nature.

2. Complaint Process
  • A complaint may be filed at any police station, by email, or by sending a letter to Internal Affairs. Once filed, a complaint will be subject to preliminary review by Internal Affairs Group Command Staff to determine its credibility and nature. If the complaint is accepted, it will be assigned to a specific category based on the allegations in the complaint and be given a reference number. If the complaint fails to pass the preliminary review stage, it will be assigned one of the following dispositions and the reporting party will be informed:
    • No Department Employee (NDE)
      • A preliminary review of the complaint has shown that the reported (government) employee(s) is not employed by the Los Santos Police Department.
    • No Misconduct (NM)
      • A preliminary review of the complaint has shown, by a preponderance of evidence, that the reported employee(s) has not committed any acts of misconduct or poor service.
    Alternatively, Internal Affairs Group Command Staff may forward the complaint to a specific Division Commanding Officer or Precinct Command Team if deemed appropriate (e.g. the complaint pertains to a divisional policy and has nothing to do with departmental policy and/or the complaint does not justify Investigation Division's involvement). In any case, the reporting party will be informed and given a Case File reference number, which they may refer to should they have information or inquires regarding the complaint.

3. Investigation Process
  • The Investigation Division thoroughly investigates all forwarded complaints and reviews all evidence pertaining to the incident. Upon investigation conclusion, the investigation will be forwarded to the appropriate authority, including the Chief of Police if required, and will be assigned one of the following dispositions:
    • Unfounded
      • The allegation(s), as stated by the reporting party, did not occur. (( Also includes complaints/incidents which have been voided by Game Admins. ))
    • Actions Could be Different (ACBD)
      • The alleged act(s) did occur but were justified, legal, and proper but the employee could have performed to a higher standard during the reported incident.
    • Exonerated
      • The alleged act(s) did occur but were fully justified, lawful, and proper.
    • Insufficient Evidence to Resolve (IETR)
      • There is sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation, but the evidence is not accessible for a reason. Examples include, but are not limited to: the reporting party refuses to provide (further) information or the reporting party can not be reached for further information (( e.g. the reporting party has been Character-Killed. ))
    • Unable to Continue Investigation (UTCI)
      • The investigation can not be continued and/or concluded. Examples include, but are not limited to: the reported party is no longer alive (( i.e. has been Character-Killed )) or they are no longer in reach (( e.g. they have resigned prior to being questioned )).
    • No Resolution
      • The investigation produced insufficient information to either prove or disprove the allegation.
    • Sustained
      • The investigation has shown that the employee has committed either all or part of the reported allegation(s) of misconduct or poor service.
    • Unable to Impose Penalty (UTIP)
      • The investigation has shown that the employee committed either all or part of the allegation(s) of misconduct or poor service but the Department is unable to issue disciplinary action to an employee for a reason. Examples include, but are not limited to: the employee has resigned, the employee has been terminated for a separate incident, or the employee is no longer alive (( e.g. has been Character-Killed. )).
    • Withdrawn
      • The reporting party has withdrawn the complaint, and the alleged act(s) are not serious enough to warrant a full investigation.
    The Internal Affairs Group aims to complete investigations within thirty (30) days from the date the complaint was received. Upon completion and final review by the Commanding Officer, Internal Affairs Group, or the Chief of Police, the reported employee(s) and the reporting party will receive a letter detailing the investigation disposition. Please notice that the reporting party may not be informed of the disciplinary action taken against the reported employee(s) in case of sustained complaints.

    Depending on the circumstances compensation may be given to the reporting party by the Internal Affairs Group depending on the disposition (i.e. if the report's disposition is "Sustained" or "Unable to Impose Penalty") however if the reporting party has attempted to withdraw the report they will not be awarded any compensation if it would've otherwise been awarded.
4. Complaint Form
  • Complaints may be submitted by filing the following form and sending it to Internal Affairs:
    Format: show

    Code: Select all

    Title: Complaint of Employee Misconduct - [Name or Badge number of Officer] 

    Code: Select all

    [hr][/hr][center][size=120][b]COMPLAINT OF EMPLOYEE MISCONDUCT[/b][/size]
    [size=110][b]INTERNAL AFFAIRS GROUP[/b]
    LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT[/size][/center][hr][/hr]
    [b][size=125]1. Reporting Party[/size][/b]
    [list][b]1.1. Name:[/b] Firstname Lastname
    [b]1.2. Phone Number:[/b] 
    [b]1.3. Address:[/b] 
    [b]1.4. Department (If Applicable):[/b] Department Name
    [b]1.5. Rank (If Applicable):[/b] Rank Within Agency
    [b](( 1.6. GTA World Forum Name:[/b] Name [b]))[/b][/list]
    [b][size=125]2. Reported Employee(s)[/size][/b]
    [list][b]2.1. Name(s):[/b] Firstname Lastname (add or remove as required, if unknown write "Unknown")
    [b]2.2. Badge Number(s):[/b] ###### (add or remove as required, if unknown write "Unknown")
    [b]2.3. Callsign(s):[/b] Callsign (add or remove as required, if unknown write "Unknown")
    [b]2.4. Description(s):[/b] Detailed description of employee if no badge number, callsign, or name is known. Include any evidence that may be used to identify employee (if the reported employee(s) can be identified then do not fill this part).
    [b][size=125]3. Incident[/size][/b]
    [list][b]3.1. Date(s) and Time(s):[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY HH:MM
    [b]3.2. Location(s) of Incident(s):[/b]
    [b]3.3. Detailed Description of Event(s):[/b] Detail the reported incident and explain the reported employee's alleged violation(s)
    [b]3.4. Witnesses:[/b] Include any witnesses, other officers, or supervisors that were present. Include their contact information, if known.
    [b]3.5. Evidence:[/b] Include any evidence you have (e.g. phone recordings)
    [b](( 3.6. Out-of-Character Evidence )):[/b] Include any out of character evidence you have (e.g. chatlogs, screenshots, video recordings, etcetera)
    [b][size=125]4. Information[/size][/b]
    [list][b]4.1. Requested Restitution:[/b] Detail your requested restitution (e.g. have charges overturned and removed, monetary compensation, and so on)
    [b]4.2. Additional Information:[/b] Detail any additional information or concerns
    [b][size=125]5. Declaration[/size][/b]
    [altspoiler=Declaration]By submitting this complaint and signing below, the signer and reporting party hereby give permission to the Los Santos Police Department to conduct a background investigation of the signer (and the reporting party), if deemed necessary by the Department, and to contact any person(s) or agency whom may add to or aid in this investigation. Furthermore, if applicable, the signer authorizes persons, firms, agencies and institutions on this form to release or confirm information pertinent to them and/or the investigation, and any statements they have made as included in the complaint.
    Whilst the Los Santos Police Department will attempt to keep the signer and the reporting party's identity undisclosed to accused employees, or other relevant persons, the signer understands that the Department may be required to either disclose their identity, disclose parts of this form, disclose any evidence attached, or any combination of the aforementioned to any appropriate parties if deemed necessary by the Department. The signer understands that the scope of the internal investigation launched as a result of the complaint is not limited merely to the allegations made against accused employees.
    Furthermore, the signer agrees that if they attempt to withdraw their report in any shape, way, or form regardless of what medium is used and regardless if the withdrawal request is fulfilled or not that they shall forfeit any restitution that they requested, are requesting, and/or any restitution that would've been awarded if the investigation from the report is sustained against the reported employee(s) and the circumstances surrounding the incident would call for such restitution.
    (( By signing this you confirm that all and any out-of-character evidence included within the complaint (if any) is true and was not in any way, shape, or form manipulated and/or fabricated. Lying on an out-of-character medium, or fabricating evidence, could be subject to admin punishment, up to and including a permanent server ban. ))
    In signing this agreement the signer acknowledges and represents that they have read the Declaration, understand it, and sign it voluntarily as a part of their own free act and deed; no oral representations, statements, or inducements, apart from the foregoing signature and agreement, have been made. the signer hereby certifies that the details that have been provided in the complaint are true to the best of their knowledge, and do not include any misleading or false statements. The signer confirms that he or she has read the entirety of the Complaint of Employee Misconduct document and confirms that the complaint and contents within are in line with the regulations stipulated within the Personnel Complaint Information document (( This includes Out of Character regulations. )).[/altspoiler]
    [b]Signature:[/b] Signature
    [b]Date:[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY
5. Disclaimers
  • The Internal Affairs Group reserves the right to disregard a complaint if it involves a situation that is more than twenty-eight (28) days old.
  • Submitting a false report in any shape, way, or form (including fabricating evidence) may result in criminal charges.
  • (( When reporting a faction member you are asked to include all out-of-character evidence you possess (chatlogs, screenshots, or videos) with your complaint under 3.6 on the "Complaint of Employee Misconduct" form. It is your responsibility to attach all the evidence you possess, if a report lacks any OOC evidence it may not be accepted for investigation. Furthermore chatlogs, while helpful to a degree, will not be taken into account when coming to a disposition on their own.

    The difference with 3.5 and 3.6 on the "Complaint of Employee Misconduct" is that in order for the evidence in 3.6 to be used in 3.5 there must be valid justification to how you obtained that evidence on an In-Character level. You only need to post the evidence once, 3.5 should be used to "attach" the evidence IC wise (e.g. **Phone Recording Attached** )

    If you are unable to explain how you got the evidence on an In-Character level or if you did not obtain the evidence in a valid In-Character manner then do not put anything in 3.5. Evidence that you submit on an Out of Character level can still be used to support the fact that your incident did occur and it may support the Internal Affairs Group on an Out of Character level (e.g. in the case that the officer is lying on an Out of Character level about the incident not occurring yet OOC evidence submitted by you shows otherwise the officer may be punished OOCly) but it will not be used against the reported officer on an In Character level.

    If you are found to be lying on an OOC level and/or manipulating/fabricating OOC evidence you could be subject to admin punishment, up to and including a permanent server ban. ))
6. Contact Information
  • Comments, suggestions, and inquires regarding this process are to be forwarded to the Commanding Officer of the Internal Affairs Group.
Commanding Officer, Internal Affairs Division
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