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This board is now decommissioned. Please use the new Recruitment Board for your applications. If you have already applied please re-apply there (make sure to use the new format).

The Recruitment Desk is the hub for those seeking employment within the Los Santos Police Department.

Information regarding Police Officer recruitment can be found here.
Recruitment drive dates shall be announced here.
Police Officer roles shall be submitted here.

(( Forum names for recruitment should be in Forename Surname format. If you require your forum account name to be changed, you may post a request here. ))
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Los Santos Police Department


The Los Santos Police Department is constantly searching for fresh talent to join the ever-changing team of highly skilled Law Enforcement. We require the best and the most qualified individuals who are tenacious, and are dedicated to helping the people of San Andreas.
 Our goal is to offer the highest level of police service by helping the community in any way possible, while remaining professional, and acting with total honesty and integrity. 

As a Police Officer in the Los Santos Police Department you are a sworn peace officer of the State of San Andreas. Once you complete the recruitment process you are subject to a 1 month probation which is subject to extension depending on performance. Once you pass your probationary phase you will be confirmed in rank, and will then have the ability to apply to specialise in a specific field, or pursue promotion.


You must be 21 years of age at the date of employment, you may apply up to 3 months prior to your 21th birthday.
You must have no previous criminal convictions or narcotics related arrests.
You must have a valid San Andreas State driver's license.
You must have the ability to understand, speak and write the English language fluently and to an advanced degree.

((OOC Requirements:))

((Must possess adequate roleplaying skills to act as a rolemodel within the community. ))

(( Lying on the application or failing to include pertinent information will result in denial and the information sent to management for review. ))

((Have a working Microphone & Teamspeak. ))

(( Forum name must be the same as your in game name when you are applying. You can request for your forum account name to be changed to the one you are wishing to apply with. ))

(( You may not bother Faction Members in game, or on the forums about recruitment, there is a specific recruitment Q&A thread in which you can ask questions, if you fail to follow this very simple rule, you may be banned from joining the LSPD. ))


After having successfully passed the application stage, you there on begin the transition into becoming a Peace officer in the State of San Andreas. With this comes great responsibility, and with such responsibility it is only fair you are given the highest standards of training when policing the streets of Los Santos.

You will undertake an intensive process, pushing you both mentally and physically. You will be put in high stress situations which will prepare you for the streets. The tests and training is designed to weed out those unfit to perform the duties of a Peace Officer in the State of San Andreas. The process is lead by the Training and Recruitment team, and your final sign off will be done by the Head of Recruitment. 

Stage 1:

Police Officer Selection Test (POST) will be administered on applicants after passing through the application stage. The POST will gauge their thoughts, their written skills and right out ability to be a police officer in the State of San Andreas. The POST is a short test in it's form with five questions. Two essay questions and three multiple choice questions. The POST does not ask you anything regarding the job or what you have not yet been trained to do.

Failing the POST will put you out of the current recruitment batch and you may be able to re-apply during the next recruitment batch. Passing the POST will forward you on to stage 2.

Stage 2:

Interview based on three competencies. You will be expected to have come up with three examples from a previous work place where you have shown the below three examples.

- Example of Team Work.
- Example of when you challenged misconduct.
- Example of Leadership.

Your interview will last 10 minutes and will be informed if you have passed this stage at the end. Please note applicants that fail this stage will be allowed a second interview at a later date which will be set by the assessor. 

(( There will also be an OOC interview via TeamSpeak. ))

Stage 3:

The physical stage is one of the most important stages. You will be required to meet the following set standards.

- Bleep test across a 15 meter shuttle reaching the level 6.4.
- 15 Push ups, 15 sit ups in 3 minutes.
- Push & pull - this phase of the physical will require you to push and pull 45 KG towards you for 5 repetitions and away from you for 5 repetitions.
- Medical examination completed by a trained Police Practitioner, Blood Pressure, Eye sight & medical history will be examined.

On passing the above stage you will be put forward to Stage 4. Applicants who fail Stage 3 will be referred back to the application stage with a 3 month retention period.

Stage 4:

This stage of the process will be the most challenging, Recruits will undertake an academy held by Recruitment Staff, at the end of the Academy recruits will have 3 hours to complete an exam paper based on the information covered in the academy. Assessors will then mark and accredit the exam, before handing it off for final sign off by the Head of Recruitment along with their recommendation.

The Test will be 25 questions, with a passing mark of 20/25. - Please note once the application has been handed to you, the instructors of the Academy will no longer be able to answer any questions.

Stage 5 - Graduation Ceremony

The Los Santos Police will take the top scoring applicants from all previous four stages, keeping in mind the amount of police officers we are able to hire during the recruitment team. If selected, you will be sworn in by the Precinct Captain, in the presence and hearing of the Los Santos Governor. You will then commence your 2 month probation period and will be assigned a mentor. You will be assigned a Line Manager at the rank of Sergeant. After your probation has completed your Sergeant will confirm you in your rank or extend your probation.
If you are not selected, you will be returned to the applicant pool, but be given priority in the next recruitment wave.

On behalf of Los Santos Police Department we wish you the best of luck.